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Lebanon County Girls Fastpitch League  

Rules and Rule Changes
These are the "TENTATIVE"  By-Laws for the League Season 2002.

To see the ASA Rule Changes: As taken from the ASA page, click here



  • To provide more competitive girls softball throughout Lebanon County.
  • To add talent to tournament and qualifier teams.
  • To provide a league for older girls, where few previously existed.
  • To provide more playing time than high school softball offers.
  • To provide opportunity for girls not participating in scholastic programs.

    C. MEMBERSHIP: Anyone who is sixteen years or older who is interested in the above purpose may be a member.

    D.  Officers: The organization will have the following officers with indicated responsibilities:
    1. President:
    a. to conduct meetings
    b. to co-sign checks
    c. approve schedule alterations
    d. register teams with ASA
    e. coordinate insurance payments
    f. negotiate contracts with umpires association

    2. Vice President:
    a. carry out the duties of the president in his/hers absence (oldest age group first priority)
    b. reschedule games
    c. coordinate all star game per age group. Will coordinate locations and times for games, as well as any other activities.
    d. coordinate playoffs per age group. Will coordinate locations and times for games. In addition to this they would determine seeds for each division and plan other activities as required.
    e. publicity: will be responsible for calling scores and standings into the newspaper. They will also inform the newspaper of all star and playoff games or other activities designs to increase the leagues exposure.
    f. coordinator of umpires: will be the focal point for cancellations and other issues with the umpires association.
    g. assist president with schedule alterations.

    3. Secretary:
    a. keep the minutes of the meetings
    b. collect team rosters
    c. notify members of team meetings

    4. Treasurer:
    a. collect needs fees from teams.
    b. co-sign checks
    c. keep financial records of the league.
    d. manage league bank accounts

    E. Chairmanships:
    1. Scheduling coordinator: will develop schedules for the league.

    F. League Responsibilities:
  • Pay umpire association, assigning fee.
  • Secure trophies, medals, shirts, ect.
  • Determine league rules
  • Set up age divisions
  • Establish fees for joining league
  • Establish grievance/appeal procedure
  • Handle all insurance, accident and liability for the league
  • Secure use of certain fields

    G. Individual Association Responsibilities:
  • Send representatives to all league meetings
  • Secure playing fields, maintain those fields and supply schedule of availability of
        those fields to the league.
  • Submit team rosters to the league prior to first game.
  • Submit moneys due league, for ASA registration, trophies, and insurance
  • Must inform league of number of teams playing by March meeting
  • Appropriate money for umpire fees for each team within the association
        (excluding pony division)

    H. Divisions:
    ASA age cut off is age as of January 1st
    1. Senior division - will play straight ASA rules.
    Recommended game nights Monday and Wednesdays. (Ages 15-18)
    2. Teener division - will follow league rules. Recommended game nights Tuesdays and Thursday. (Ages 13-14)
    3. Junior division - will follow league rules. Recommended game nights Mondays and Wednesdays (Ages 11-12)
    4. Pony division - will follow Pony Division Rules (Ages 8-10)

    I. Team Rosters:
    1. May have unlimited number of players.
    2. Roster must be submitted to league secretary before first game. At this time the roster becomes final.
    3. All girls who reside in Lebanon County may play in the league, any girls requesting to play in the league from outside Lebanon County must be approved by the league and reported to District II Junior Olympic Commissioner.
    4. League enrollment is open to any county team. Teams do not have to be affiliated with a school district. Any team from outside Lebanon County must have the approval of the majority of league associations. Tie vote goes back to discussion and revote until tie is broken.

    J. Umpires
    1. There will be one official for the Senior, Teener, and Junior divsions. The Pony division will follow Pony division rules.
    2. Two umpires will be used for playoffs and allstar games if available

    K. Voting
    1. Each association will have one vote at League meetings.
    2. In case of a tie, the President will cast the deciding vote, with exception of #4 under team rosters.

    L. Grievance Committee
    1. A grievance committee will be resposible for hearing all protests and complaints and formulating a decision.
    2. Each association will have one representative on the committee.
    3. If there is a verbal and/or physical altercation between players and/or coaches, the grievance committee shall discuss the altercation and penalize the appropriate players and/or coaches a minimum of one game up to a lifetime suspension.

    M. All Star Game
    1. Mid season game. All four games will be played as scheduled by VP of division.
    2. Each team will be equally represented.
    3. Head coaches will be choosen form the team leading the divisions at mid season.

    N. Playoff Games
    1. Double eliminations format, with participants to be determined on a yearly basis. Top four to six teams.
    2. Home team for the playoffis will be determined on a yearly basis depending upon number of teams.
    3. A five game minimum must be played during the season for senior girls to participate in the playoffs.

    O. Miscellaneous Information
    1. Suggested start of the season will be the middle of May to the beginning of June depending on divisions.
    2. Cost to individual teams will be determined on a yearly basis, based on yearly expenses.
    3. League fees are due by May 1st. Any team in arrears of league fees is not eligible to play in the new season until paid in full.