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Lebanon County Girls Fastpitch League  

Minutes Read

Minutes at each meeting will be posted here.

If you need any information, please contact us at

Lebanon County Girls Fastpitch League
Minutes of Meeting: Oct. 24, 2001

Meeting Attendees:
AC: Tina Sanders, Jack Rill, Jim Sanders, Kerry Long
Lebanon: Joan-Marie Norman, Ron Crater
SLAA: Dave Dennis, Bruce Sherman
Ebenezer: Greg Brightbill
Leb. Catholic: Mike Shay
UC: Steve Smith
Umpires: Mike DeLong
WebMaster: Emily Newman

Meeting called to order at 7:10pm by Steve Smith, President. No minutes available from previous meeting. Secretary Tina Sanders is working to update membership/mailing list.

Treasurer's Report by Joan Norman:
Balance of $1,902.82; bills paid: $330 - umpires; $350 Richland Legion; $105 - postage; $360 PHY Graphics (t-shirts); outstanding bills: Donations to Stoevers ($250) and Ebenezer Fire Hall ($100). Report accepted by motion by Jack Rill, 2nd Bruce Sherman, and approved.

ASA/JO Report by Bruce Sherman/Steve Smith:
Website for student athlete scholarships through PHEA: Bruce announced his resignation as JO Commissioner to be replaced by Steve Smith. ASA National tournament dates should be posted soon. Tentatively, 2002 qualifiers will be held in Lebanon County.

All Star Report: None

Umpire's Report by Mike DeLong:
Contract Proposal for 2002 season (copy attached) accepted by motion from Jack Rill, 2nd by Kerry Long, passed. Discussion regarding 4 games that were cancelled and assignor was not notified. League responsible to pay umpires, home teams will be billed to reimburse league. Teener Games: 5/11 at Elco; 5/31 at LCHS; Senior Games: 6/4 and 6/21 at CCHS.

Old Business:
Discussion on 2001 Season: Tina Sanders voiced complaint regarding scheduling of games on "off" nights, specifically, scheduling Teener Division games on nights set aside for Junior Division. Kerry Long voiced concerns regarding negative cheering, taunting of players. Ideas and suggestions from those in attendance included adopting the PIAA code or similar sportsmanship code of conduct to be reviewed with players and coaches prior to every game. Umpires asked to reinforce ASA rules concerning taunting. League will make efforts to reinforce sportsmanship and appeal to all coaches to avoid negative cheering and/or taunting of opposing players, coaches, etc. League will utilize grievance committee to handle any future complaints.

New Business:
Plaques: Steve Smith to get up-to-date on engraving and distributing championship plaques for 1999, 2000, 2001.
The following new business matters have been presented for future discussions and/or action:

Steve Smith suggested league consider updating 12&U rules to be more ASA compliant.

Nomination of Officers: Steve Smith asked members to thinking about officers for 2002 - particularly President.

Steve will be stepping down, but will be available to the new president for 1-2 years to help with the transition.

Review By Laws: Steve will be organizing a committee to review and update league by-laws.

Two Schulkyll County Senior teams have asked to join the Lebanon County League.

Emily Newman reported on the website: Site: is currently set up on a free server. Advertising banners will "pop-up" while visiting the site. Option to upgrade at a minimal cost (approx. $10 per year). Can post schedules, standings, scores, teams registrations, player profiles, meeting info, e-mails and other links.

Meeting Schedules: Place: Ebenezer Fire Hall
Wed., 12/5/2001 - 7:00pm
Wed., 1/16/2002 - 7:00pm
Wed., 2/20/2002 - 7:00pm
Wed., 3/20/2002 - 7:00 pm
Wed., 4/17/2002 - 8:00 pm
Wed., 5/1/2002 - 8:00 pm
Wed., 5/15/2002 - 8:00 pm

Motion to adjourn by Bruce Sherman, 2nd by Joan Norman.